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Iverti mirror


Timeless and versatile forms are ideal for any living space. It is worth choosing
such elements, because they fit into the character of different interior styles. To
meet this requirements, we have created an Iverti LED mirror. It is distinguished
by a simple rectangular construction which emphasizes the versatility of the
object. The decorative element is a gentle sandblasting surrounding the mirror
surface. This model is available in a wide range of sizes. Supplementary elements
can be switches, heating mat and LED clock.

Additional information


1000 mm x 700 mm, 1110 mm x 700 mm, 400 mm x 700 mm, 500 mm x 700 mm, 600 mm x 700 mm, 800 mm x 700 mm, 900 mm x 700 mm

Color of LED lighting

bicolor (warm + cold), cold (5600-6500K), neutral (4000-4500K), RGB, warm (2800-3200K)


none (directly to the 230 V AC line), touch (on the mirror surface)

Heating mat

no, yes, yes with the switch

LED watch

no, yes – blue