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Aventi mirror


Contrast allows completely different elements to be combined together. The emphasis on one feature becomes more visible when it is accompanied by its complete opposite. Applying this principle, we created the Aventi mirror. Its design combines a solid construction with the delicate structure of the mirror surface. This product combines decorative and practical functions. It is a beautiful element of the interior and an additional source of light. It is worth to think about supplementary elements such as switches, heating mat and LED clock.

Additional information


400 mm x 700 mm, 500 mm x 700 mm, 600 mm x 700 mm, 700 mm x 700 mm

Color of LED lighting

bicolor (warm + cold), cold (5600-6500K), neutral (4000-4500K), RGB, warm (2800-3200K)


mechanical (switch under the mirror), none (directly to the 230 V AC line), proximity – IR (under the mirror), touch (on the mirror surface)

Heating mat

no, yes, yes with the switch

LED watch

no, yes – blue