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Astolf P mirror


Minimalist interiors are characterised by clarity of form, spaciousness and
simplicity. The colours and number of interior elements are limited, so it is
important that every detail has its own individual appearance, but it is not too
banal and obvious. Astolf P mirror has all these features. It allows to complete
a minimalist interior and at the same time does not dominate it. It was created
on a square plan. There are two oblong rectangular sandblasted spaces on the
surface, thanks to which the mirror can also be used as an additional light.

Additional information


600 mm x 600 mm, 650 mm x 650 mm, 700 mm x 700 mm, 750 mm x 750 mm

Color of LED lighting

bicolor (warm + cold), cold (5600-6500K), neutral (4000-4500K), RGB, warm (2800-3200K)


none (directly to the 230 V AC line), proximity – IR (under the mirror), touch (on the mirror surface)

Heating mat

no, yes, yes with the switch

LED watch

no, yes – blue