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Algardi mirror


A circular mirror is brilliant in its simplicity. To emphasize this, we added a
circular sandblasting on the mirror surface. This is how we made the Algardi wall
mirror. This is a combination of the form plasticity and delicacy. Sandblasting
creates an ambiente effect and allows additional light to be introduced into the
interior of the room. The mirror can be controlled by switches which come in
many different types. Your mirror will be completed with the LED clock and the
heating mat, which will significantly improve the comfort of use.

Additional information


600 mm, 700 mm, 800 mm

Color of LED lighting

bicolor (warm + cold), cold (5600-6500K), neutral (4000-4500K), RGB, warm (2800-3200K)


none (directly to the 230 V AC line), proximity – IR (under the mirror), touch (on the mirror surface)

Heating mat

no, yes, yes with the switch

LED watch

no, yes – blue