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Algardi S mirror

Configure your Algardi S mirror.


A circle is a geometric figure with a simple but interesting shape. It has inspired
us to create a mirror with LED lighting under the name Algardi S. It combines
beauty and simplicity. It is the answer to the most demanding requirements
of sophisticated users. It perfectly fits modern interiors as well as the eclectic
ones. The simple design of the Algardi S mirror is complemented by various
switches, the heating mat and the LED clock. This model is perfect for a hotel or
your private bathroom.

Additional information


600 mm, 700 mm, 800 mm

Barwa oświetlenia LED

bicolor (warm + cold), cold (5600-6500K), neutral (4000-4500K), RGB, warm (2800-3200K)


none (directly to the 230 V AC line), proximity – IR (under the mirror), touch (on the mirror surface)

Mata grzewcza

no, yes, yes with the switch

Zegarek LED

no, yes – blue


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