Mirroy – mirrors with LED lighting

Mirroy - producent luster z oświetleniem LED

Mirroy – the name of the brand was created by combining two words: MIRROR and ROYAL. The first part defines our products and the second part mirrors their character. By choosing our mirrors, you will give your interior a unique character and improve the comfort of its use.

Each of the mirrors is equipped with LED lighting which can be individually selected in terms of colour of the light. You can control the lights by switches which come in many different types. The selection of switches includes an IR proximity switch located underneath the mirror surface, a touch switch on the mirror surface and a mechanical switch. The ideal solution is to connect the mirror lighting directly to a 230 V cable. In addition, mirrors can be equipped with anti-fog mats preventing the surface from fogging and the LED clock.

Mirroy mirrors are perfect for a hotel bathroom or your home.

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